About starting..

Finding your voice

Dear world,

Today I have decided to start my blog. This is the first article. MAGIC!!! Anyway, after a fight with many voices in my head and from friends, I have finally won. Hooooraaay!! Now, to be honest, I don’t have everything figured out on how this blog would be managed but but…..isn’t that life anyway? Did you ever think of how you would go through your 16th year on earth? Did you have to figure out 17 before you made it to your 17th Birthday? If you did, my friend, you are the uncelebrated Einstein of this generation. You don’t have to have everything figured out to start. The reason why most of us fail before we start is, we want to have everything in place before taking off! Taking off?? Are you a plane? Listen, if you had it all figured out, why are you even starting in the first place? Hmmm!

You don’t have to have everything figured out to start.

Like I was saying, this is my first article. Nothing serious really but one crucial thing you should never underestimate is the power of words and ideas. These things live on beyond our lifetimes. I am not the only one who has quoted people in my day-to-day communications. Maybe you will also be quoted one day. Something like “You don’t have to have everything figured out to start” – Unknown. See, this is what happens if you don’t push your ideas out there. People will quote you as an “UNKNOWN”. No one will read something and be like; Unknown saw this happening 100 years ago – Never! But there’s something good with unknown. Your words can still live on from generation to generation.

Your words can still live on from generation to generation.

Worse than unknown are the ideas that are never tested or expressed. Words that are never said. Places that are never visited. People that are never met. Songs that are never sung or listened to and finally, a life that is never lived. These things certainly do matter. While you drowse off or go to your favourite eating place for lunch, remember this, you do matter. And so, does the waiter or waitress serving you. And when one tries to gag you into silence, show them kindness by reminding them of how better they can do. Remind them that their words and ideas matter, and if they could use them better, the world wouldn’t be waiting for the second coming of Jesus. Because all we need, we already have. We just have to find it.

Just use your words not because you feel the urge to but because this world was created on words.

To you, my friend reading this, remind yourself this. All the time. Write it on your bathroom mirror. Stick it on your fridge door. It is easy to forget this because simple things are easily forgettable. But also, life is very swift. A lot is going on. As you are trying to fix this another thing breaks. Days seem long yet years very short. Simple things are simple but not to everyone. You don’t know who will read your words. You have no idea how they will affect them. Remarkably, you can never fathom what it would mean to them knowing that – someone out there thinks like them.

Just use your words, not because you feel the urge to, but because this world was created on words. Right there, lies your power.